Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome you found us...

I am starting this blog for women that have meet through the 2nd and 3rd trimester loss thread on the Miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss boards at

we have lost our babies to stillbirth, pre-term labor and some of us had premie babies that fought hard to stay alive but this does not mean that if you had a loss of some other kind you are not welcome. This a place where we can share more about our children, about our losses and help each other cope.

when you find out your child has died, or your OB tells you that they can no longer find the baby's heartbeat your world comes crashing down.

I hope we can all find some support here.

~Lucy's mom Christine
if you would like to be a contributor to this Blog please email me
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marybeth said...

Hello my name is Rosemary. i lost my baby 2 weeks in to my second osrry this is so hard for me to take about i havent talked to many people about it cause it hurts i thought i was healing form it until the due date came mar 24 of this year and it hurts so much no i thought i was ok but now all i feel is hurt. i had a mismiscarriege so i dont fink out for about a month after. but i thought something was wrong. i wasnt as hungery as much but i thought who know right. during my doctors appiontment he couldnt find a heart beat so he sent us done right a way for an to get a oltrosound, and when i seen the techinsions face as he was looking at me and asked how fare i was and he reaction to my answer. my husand didnt notice anything i was wondering what was going on but i knew. then once the tech was done he wouldnt let us take the photo he took it to the doctor. then i knew. then once the doctor said that my baby is dead thats when my husband knew and it crushed him and me. because this was a mis there was no blood or anything. i wanted to try and wait for nature to take its course by two weeks later it still dont happen and then thats when i went in for a d & c. its been a couple of months now and when the due date came ive been a mess what would help

Christine (Lucy's Mom) said...

marybeth- i am sorry i just saw you comment.
i am sorry for your loss. if oyu would like to hjoin us please do. we chat all the time on the baby center message boards there is a link to the right of this post.

please be gentle with yourself.


Jaded Girl said...

thank you for this.

Amy said...

Just found you on Mel's list! I'm glad you are doing this. Thank you.

I don't know if Rosemary will check this again but, I want to say, I am sorry for your loss, Rosemary. This is a tough journey but we are all here!

Shalini said...

Rosemary not sure if you'll be back here again but I'm so sorry. Your due date is coming up again... and I am thinking of you and your little angel.

Take care please!

This is a good idea for a blog... thank you. Our daughter died "in utero" at 21 weeks gestation and we have been struggling with infertility on top of the grief of losing her. The online community has been the best when it comes to support, family has been disappointing in a lot of ways.

Karen said...

Great support here. Found you via MK's comments on different blogs that are so full of compassion I clicked over. We lost our fifth child during my labour (likely cord compression) and he was stillborn. Beautiful, healthy, but still. Devastating for us and his older siblings of course.

Sharee said...

I lost 3 babies all at the end of the 2nd trimester ... it was over a 3 year time period. While I was going through I had no idea how I would survive ... especially after that third loss. But somehow, some way ... it's 5 years later and here I sit. Now it's my turn to reach out to you ...if anyone needs encouragment, an ear, or advice, drop me a line. Blessings!

Kristin said...

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